About Us

Kresmery Properties, LLC, is a full service property management and leasing firm. We have experience in a wide variety of different property types and land sites, from a single family home, multi-family apartment units, to warehouse and industrial spaces, office and commercial suites. From property management, tenant prospecting, Lease negotiation, facility maintenance services Our extensive and expanding portfolio includes over two million square feet of industrial, commercial, office and residential units.

Our focus is on “providing direction” to help our clients reach their goals. The compass in our company’s logo represents this and reminds us to always be seeking the best direction for property owners and occupants. We accomplish this through a wide range of management, consulting, leasing and maintenance services.

Our industrial, commercial and office complexes are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs from the start-up company of 1,000 square foot user to a 75,000 square foot multinational tenant. Residential units can be found in the form of a single family home, urban loft, or Multi-family building or apartment. All of our properties are very well maintained by our in house maintenance team.

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Disclaimer: Although information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, Kresmery Properties, and/or its representatives, brokers or agents make
no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information contained herein, and offers all properties without expressed or implied warranties of any kind.
All potential buyers are subject to qualification and availability. All pricing, floor plans and lot availability are approximations subject to change without notice.